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About Us

SoGlue specializes in consulting services to connect and "glue" Social Enterprises (SEs) , Corporate Customers / Governmental and Non-Governmental Organizations, and various stakeholders to form partnerships.

Together, we create long-term positive social impacts through amalgamating SEs as suppliers, distributors, or b2b service providers in corporate value chain.

SoGlue provides cost-effective one-stop shop advisory services focusing the "S" component in ESG for institutions that aspire to fulfil their SDG goals.


To become a hub of trusted partnerships and build a fairer world, sustainable and inclusive society.


Connect and "glue" the social enterprises with individuals and corporates.

Bring business opportunities for social enterprises to all sectors.

Achieve long-term social impact goals by enhancing corporate value chains.

Next Steps

Cultivating Connections: build bridges between students and professional for Social Good

SoGlue will take its social mission to the next level by empowering students and retired executives, fostering cross-sector collaboration, and building a supportive ecosystem and knowledge sharing though the following initiatives:

  • Providing Job/Internship Opportunities: to offer job/internship opportunities to university students who are interested in both social enterprises and commercial sectors. By bridging the gap between these sectors, we aim to provide valuable hands-on experience for students.

  • Developing Essential Competencies: to help students acquire essential competencies in basic business development, project management, and communication skills within the B2B sector. Through practical experience and collaboration between social enterprises and commercial sectors, students will gain a comprehensive understanding of social impact and its relevance in business.

  • Engaging Retired Professionals and Executives: to recruit retired professionals and executives with corporate backgrounds to serve as volunteers. These experienced individuals will provide training, mentoring, and coaching to the students, sharing their expertise and insights gained from their successful careers.

  • Emphasizing Collaboration and Knowledge Sharing: to create a vibrant community and network that supports the personal and professional growth of both students and professionals. This will be achieved by facilitating meaningful interactions and partnerships through collaboration and knowledge sharing between students and professionals.

Core Values

S Solve the customers' problem with our "can-do" attitude.

O Own progress & outcomes.

G Grow, support and succeed together with our customers, employees and SEs.

L Leverage relationships, collaborations and key strengths of our customers, employees and SEs to achieve the collective goals.

U Unveil the untapped opportunities and potentials for SEs.

E Embrace and drive change.

SoGlue is proudly supported by Nurturing Global-minded Changemakers (NGC). NGC is developed by the Department of Management, Marketing, and Information Systems of the Baptist University of Hong Kong, and is financially supported by the SIE Fund.

Our Services

Creating a long-term positive impact is equally important to business and society today; SMEs, MNCs, or organizations incorporating Social Enterprises into their sustainability and social impact journey is one of the best ways to facilitate partnerships that achieve a larger scale of positive impact!

Saving you time and resources, SoGlue serves as your one-stop shop platform for identifying strategic partners-SEs across different sectors as your service providers to align with your ESG strategies and achieve your SDGs that will create social or environmental values.

You've come to the right place if you're organizing regular employees engagement/team-building activities, searching for corporate gift ideas, professional graphic design, branding services, photo shooting, video production services, and catering services, etc. We are currently collaborating with different social enterprises who provide high quality services/products in various sectors which fit your ESG goals/ SDGs.

To stay "glue" and kick start your journey with great and positive Social Impact, contact us now!

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Our Team

Leo Tse

Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer

Veronica Hung

Co-founder and Chief Catalyst Officer


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